Who are We

FG Group formed with a group of Highly experienced and Knowledge Individuals from various fields with a common Interest in Automobiles, Home and Office Advanced Safety technologies, Media, Physical and Mental Fitness, IT and Software, Life Sciences, Medical and Health and more..

Recognising Talent

We provide platform to recognise the talent and skills of new generation and encourage them for their future

Bringing People Closer

Bringing the whole world closer with latest video calling feature of Maapit

Going Digital

With digital transformation taking up the mainstream, we are helping organizations and individuals to adapt and evolve to the latest trends

Being secured

All solutions have been developed with highly advanced data security model to protect user's data

Our Mission

FG Media and Safety Technologies Pvt Ltd is aimed to bring the best of the user experience through all the advanced solutions. With advanced data security and top notch facilities, FG Media and Safety Technologies Pvt Ltd guarantees a thralling experience with the best of our products.

Our Plan

To be Human is our approach, To excel is our ambition. We would like to create a platform to enable all the participants to perform. We understand the importance every life in the society and support them. We ignite every one to become a contributor.

Our Vision

We believe in life and survival to reach ones goal and make life meaningful, we provide technology and safety to lives. To reach the goal confirms establishment of goal posts. We are very careful in estimating our abilities and ambitions while defining the goals.

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Get Ready to Explore the solutions FG Media and Safety Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has to offer. Drop us an email and let us know What you do best. We will help your Brand reach heights.

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FG Life offers a range of product for the benefit of the society globally

To Provide with the quality News of Positivity, Progressive, Creative, Innovative and healthy for happy living of citizens. News and Information aims to create awareness for creative living without hurdles. So established Happy India Times (Telugu Weekly) News weekly and HIT News (English News Weekly). We encourage entrepreneurship, education, research and development, leadership, human rights, women empowerment, food, infrastructure, health and fitness.

Hit News is a National English Weekly which has a special orientation towards publishing only the prominent News across the nation at the right time. The audience can rely on the quality and the aspects of the news which is well researched and sourced. A wide journalist network who are constantly in search of news. We work along with the citizens of the nation and are prepared for the digital age. Our focus across various industries such as Education, Woman Empowerment and the news that supports the well being of the Farmers.

FG Security Systems is a security survillance systems company that is capable of mounting any home or business security systems at an affordable price. We are reliable and trustworthy CCTV camera installer and supplier in India. Our group of technicians has been highly skilled and professionally trained and approved by the USA Police(Home Land Security Wing). We have well-trained specialist who are always ready to provide assistance anytime and anywhere.

Media Advisor is a Professional Media Expert Service. We are providing legal and audit support to the clients. We are open to various political, social and corporate campaigns. It is a platform to provide branding and business oppurtunities to the clients online as well as offline. We are also available on Android and IoS app.

We are bringing the world's first XD Video Interactive Technology, which is higher than ust a Video Conference, Online Streaming, Broadcasting, or Interacting. It works in Digital Clocks, Cameras, Watches, Tabs, and Mobiles. Connect with your team from the comfort of your house. Connect with your loved ones amid difficult situations at the lowest data.

Transfer large files at a lightning fast speed with highest security and encrypted data. Access your files from anywhere and everywhere. Get access to unlimited storing and file sharing options with just a click. Backup the files with cloud security and forget the worry of losing any data.

Creativity doesnot wait for that perfect moment. Create, Explore and Share with the world whenever and wherever your heart wants. Make posters on the go. Have a go getter attitude with a platform to explore your creativity at the best. With inbuilt design templates and posters, you dont have to wait for the clients phone call.

Make better marketing and branding videos at just one go. MEDIT enbales you to make engaging videos for social media and content marketing on the go. With Advanced Creative Tools and marketing templates, MEDIT provides a all-in-one marketing solutions. Make it on the Go!

A stressful life? A busy schedule? we can help you unwind up. Tune into your favourite FM channel to listen to whats happening around. Make your own playlist on the go. Wake up to your favourite song. Use Equalizer to tune your own sound. Create unlimited playlists and favourites with MA Tarangam.

Taking notes is now easy with MA Nore. Now you can focus on that meeting instead of scribbling on the notepad. No more holding onto thoughts while on the go. Explore the most easiest way to write down your ideas with MA Nore anywhere. We also provide reminders and alerts to help you remember that small task which can otherwise take away most of your precious time.

Worring about Job? Worry no more. MA Professionals will provide a platform to easy connect the recruiters with the job seekers. With high quality audio and video calling feature, be prepared for the interviews from the comfort of your home. Get notifications for the latest vancancies, share vacancies with your friends, prepare resumes online and wat not.

Ma E-Papers is an online news discovery and distribution application. Catch out on all the latest trends, bollywood gossips, political propagandas, election results, public reviews and a lot more. Stay updated with the unlimited access to newspapers, magazines and books anytime on any devices. Subscribe to our epapers now!

MASTAR is a powerful Record Scanning Translate & Convert app, which supports all languages.It is an essential translator for everyone who are into business and learning as it has rich translation features, which includes screen translation, Document translation, voice translation, file translation, web page translation and a lot more

MA TUBE is a live streaming app that offers thousands of hours of premium, exclusive and original content from leading Producers and Publishers. It is a one-stop app for some of the best Movies, TV Shows, Web Series, Music Videos and Short Videos. The platform lays focus on Exclusive Original Content with emphasis on high-quality Hindi and Regional Languages.

Teaser makes it easy to find great deals on the things you want and make money on the things you want to promote,sell,and buy. Teaser is the first virtual commerce perfect online marketplace to promote, buy and sell locally. No need to visit a dealership or thrift store to find the best local deals. Here you’ll find a wide selection of all products in virtual commerce type

TRAILER has the videos that are guaranteed to make your day provides opportunities to people and earnings more from TRAILER. We make it easy for you to discover and create your own original videos by providing easy-to-use tools to view and capture your daily moments. Our integrated editing tools allow you to easily trim, cut, merge and duplicate video clips without leaving the app.

Best online and fitness workout apps. With workouts for Begineers to calisthenics for the fitness freaks, this app will help you to stay fit and motivated all the time. Destress yourself with yoga, increase your Emotional Intelligence and much more to tay fit amid lockdown. Download now.

FIT GAADI is an on-demand doorstep vehicle service, repair and maintenance platform. A one-stop solution for all your vehicle needs. Now book vehicle services at affordable prices at Fit Gaadi. We are in regular Vehicle service, washing, alignment, parts repair or 24x7 road side assistance, with FIT GAADI, it’s just a click away.

Enjoy the best quality video conferencing on the run. With the new MAAPit Time(Watch), you will always be on time with your business meetings. With the advanced technology of data encryption, the video conferencing will consume the lowest data. With MAAPit Time, you will never be late again. Download Now

Babumart brings to you the best quality of food and groceries at the most affordable price. All types of organic fruits and vegetables are availalbe here. We are the world's leading suppliers of organic fruits and vegetables. We also provide door-to-door online delivery of the groceries. Download the App now to shop online.



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